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Hemispheric mirrors

Technical features

PMMA OPTICS: High quality, clear and sharp image. PMMA (plexiglass) mirrors are not unbreakable.

POLYCARBONATE OPTICS: A polycarbonate optic is unbreakable and has M1 fire classification. The mirror is drilled in the centre in order to let water pass through in the case of sprinkler systems engaging.

INSTALLATION: Mirrors are to be hung from the ceiling by 4 chains each of 1 metre in length which are joined at a central link point, supplied.

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Ceiling mounted 1/2 sphere mirror in PMMA & polycarbonate

Positioned where vehicles and people mix, when positioned at aisles and junctions in warehouses these mirrors act as an important safety measure to prevent collisions and injury.

Product code : 3660
Weight : KG