Smoking and vaping solutions

Procity has been manufacturing urban shelters for more than 35 years and is happy to offer town councils and businesses a selection of outdoor smoking shelters. Whether you are looking for a smoking shelter or an outdoor ashtray, we have a range of products to suits your needs. You will be able to choose between different shapes, colours and finishes to meet all your requirements.

Just pick and choose the smoking area better suited to your needs and to the public or private space which layout you are managing.

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We are experts at designing and manufacturing the best outdoor shelters and ashtrays for smoking areas. We love making aesthetically pleasing products for our customers, while ensuring that we put the greatest care into our products’ quality. When it comes to strength and durability, we make it so our equipment can withstand outdoor wear and tear as well as the weather.

Are you looking for an urban shelter? An ashtray from an existing line? Bespoke products? Our know-how enables us to deliver top of the line products to meet your project’s requirements. Just reach out to find out more.